On Messiness, Friendship, and Getting What You Want

I think this is a really sweet and honest post. I enjoyed reading it so hopefully you guys do too 🙂

Truth and Cake

So today I just want to write a quick post in honor of Staci, who left a comment yesterday about how difficult it can be to put a post out there without over thinking it. She lamented that “hitting the “publish” button [felt] synonymous with submitting a manuscript to Simon & Schuster.” And oh, how I can relate to that. When I started this blog, I felt the same way. And sometimes I still get stuck in that yucky place of “Why would anyone want to read this?” Delete! Thankfully that happens less and less these days. I feel pretty good about just putting it out there. But today I’m literally writing this post in a few minutes to honor the idea that creativity doesn’t have to be perfect. That sharing can be messy and quick and still be impactful. I haven’t been thinking on this idea for days…

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